Let’s attempt a refresh

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Been a while – not sure blogs are relevant anymore unless you are doing it about Gluten Free Food, Anonymous, Video Games or sex pictures.

Shit, maybe I will do all of them :)   Just got divorced so why not!

Holy crap

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In all my years in IT I have never seen a feature like this.

Create a new folder in Windows 7, and call it this:




Local political action traction?

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Why is it so hard to get anything done?   Even at local levels, in your own community even, things are just a microcosm of the world in general.   Local political mirror Regional which mirror District to State to Country to World…. barf.   It does explain why the human ecosystem is so screwed up.

A near-fatal accident (at least) has to happen at a blind intersection before local officials acquiese to cries for stop signs or traffic calming.   Cyclists have to be rammed and thrown into the air off their bikes before people consider bike lanes.   People have to jump off bridges in the hundreds before someone finally hears the outcry for barriers.    Why are we so ineffectual in our causes?     I recently sent an article, regarding the tremendous effect that adding plastic median poles on two lane roads had to dramatically cutting head-on-collisions and fatalities, to a local traffic calming official in my city.   His response was alarming:  We do things a little different in America, and while I am sure those work well for the Nordics – people just wouldn’t take to those things around here.

I am paraphrasing of course, but I am not an obtuse person – the intent of his message was quite clear ; “Boring”.

I am sure Freud would say that this whole “only being interested when I am in it”  is because our own Id needs to feel involved in something before we decide to take action, which explains a lot of the other mob mentalities that go around.    I just wish someone would make it easier to rally together to support local causes.   If we all could add our voices to others local causes I have a feeling there would be a lot more vigilante activism up in this place.

US shuts down 84,000 domains on accident

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ICE once again proves its muster by coming in with huge arms and swiping at what should be a precision operation.  The incompetence and ignorance in law enforcement at with computer crimes is mind boggling.

The domain in question is mooo.com, which belongs to the DNS provider FreeDNS. It is the most popular shared domain at afraid.org and as a result of the authorities’ actions a massive 84,000 subdomains were wrongfully seized as well. All sites were redirected to…

“Advertisement, distribution, transportation, receipt, and possession of child pornography constitute federal crimes that carry penalties for first time offenders of up to 30 years in federal prison, a $250,000 fine, forfeiture and restitution,” …


Geo-IP going the way of the dodo?

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Managing 10,000+ endpoints on broadband over the past 5 years, you start to notice some trends.   One of those trends is how incompatible GeoIP is with the adoption of mobile networks.

We have over 4,000 mobile broadband devices across the US and there are some very interesting things that have come up because of that:

  • Most IP addresses for mobile phones/cards come from a pool of IP’s assigned to a POP for that carrier.  Those POPs tend to be aggregated in the mid-west/central areas, for instance AT&T has centers based out of Texas, Illinois and Utah.   Those POPs are responsible for issuing IP address for -all- mobile devices on the network, thus the IPs are registered for that locality.
  • With IP addresses coming from centralized locations on the network, GeoIP enabled applications basically fail horribly at detecting where your load is coming from.  That includes CDN services like Akamai & Limelight.
  • Applications that try and be smart like Google Maps, home brew or web based apps will eventually fall down for not properly identifying the users locality.

There is only one solution, really, and that is to integrate another layer of LBS (location based services) that depends on triangulation of the signal or Lat/Long coordinates from the devices GPS.   Some mobile providers are starting to implement LBS for their mobile devices but they are focused on the enterprise customers locating their devices instead of allowing the site/application to get that data.

Eventually it comes with a security trade-off which most customers will probably decline.   The only lasting solution is for all of the mobile providers (in concert with landline & wireless providers) to agree on a single location specification which will identify users down to a specific X mile radius, zip code or Lat/Long of the closest city.    This should give companies who care the ability to track their users and provide them with contextually relevant information/advertisements while keeping customers actual locations private.

I am very interested in how this will play out and what other software chicanery will show up trying to fix this natural problem of the globalization of wireless based connectivity.    MiFi/Mobile Hotspots are just the beginning.  With LTE/WiMax rubber hitting the road all over the place – wired internet access will end up being the bastion of always-on stationary computers/media devices and datacenters.   Even my office is considering a wireless backup circuit for connectivity – go figure.

Standardize the DataCenter on UTC!

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Thanks to Acts of Congress and other bemoanings of time efficiency zealots – we have a lot of freaking confusion around timezone data.   In my current datacenter we have the added problem of having 10,000 downlevel clients in the field that all want to report in their client time.    Getting that to sync across timezones and have it all jive with PST/PDT is a pain in the tail.

Ever since a fateful bandwidth spike caused by the 2007 time change, I have considered moving the whole datacenter to UTC time.   Unfortunately for me, things like reporting, Java and custom applications all don’t like standardized time after being on localized time.    While my change appears to be laborious and long to implement, I encourage others who might read this to look at standardization to UTC right away to prevent future nastiness – especially if you do buisness with/in Arizona:


And the ‘intellectuals’ show how dumb they really are

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They ramble on their endless diatribes about how “conservatives” can believe in things such as creationism or intelligent design.   They blather on to no end about global warming and the science – the science – the SCIENCE proves all (with their bamboo plates and hybrid cars).   They are the ones with the loudest voices about ending hunger, poverty and disease in other countries.   They are the ones who shake a fist at capitalism for not being socially responsible enough to “take care of those who can’t take care of themselves” – but looky looky what we have here…  these so called forward thinking open minded neo liberals are the ones responsible for the sudden and deadly resurgence of diseases we had all but had contained.

Shove all of the empirical evidence about herd immunity, natural selection, biological immuno-response and disease propagation in their faces with 50 years of raw statistics as an added bonus and they still make the same “creationist” decision that they decry makes no sense when the shoe is on the other foot.

Their tired rhetoric of “everyone deserves health care” stops when the decision that is best for the _community_ isn’t convenient for them.

Why should everyone have access to the same healthcare that they reject?  What level of hypocrisy allows them to spend my money on health care for the unemployed while they endanger the elderly and the infants because of their stance on vaccination?

So far over 1,000 cases of Whooping Cough have been recorded in Marin County and 7 children have died – from a disease that had all but disappeared.   Statistics show that the children that have died are ones who are not yet eligible for their vaccinations – and thanks to their loving communities around them, they lost whatever herd immunity was there years ago.   So while they continue to endanger the too-young and the too-old in our communities because of their “personal beliefs”, they trample my “personal belief” that I am entitled to the fruits of my labor without it forcibly being taken from me?

If they want universal health care – fine, I will pay for that … as long as they agree to vaccinate on time, on schedule and urge others to do the same with the same level of ferocity that they used to complain about access to health care.    If they don’t care to give their children the shots the rest of the community so desperately needs them to have, why don’t I just shove that down their throat like they are shoving UHC down mine?

Fair trade?   Somehow I think the shoe doesn’t look as nice on the other foot.   Neo Liberals are just as bad as Fanatical Zealots – just on the other side of the spectrum.   One side easily argues away logic with their God, and the other does the same injustice by using logical fallacy.   What a sad dichotomy we live in.

Jim Carey and Jenny Mcarthy can service a flaccid donkey as far as I care.  Their irresponsible behavior has enabled a generation of middle/upper-class idiots to take control of our lives and kill our citizens through pure unadulterated selfishness.



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